2020 Newest Co2 Charger Kit, 0-60PSI Co2 Regulator Mini Keg Charger/Regulator Mini Keg Charger with Ball Lock

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◆ This is a portable gadget that is great for traveling with your corny keg
◆ Mini compact co2 keg charger regulator creates lightly mobile beverage carbonation for you
Standard Ball Lock Threading: 7/16'' Thread 
Suitable Co2 Capsule : 16g Threaded Type Co2 Cartridge
1: Quick Insert the CO2 cartridge and tighten the connection
2: Attach the grey ball lock disconnect to your charger tightly
3: Attach the grey ball lock disconnect to your keg
4: Set the dial to your desired PSI and get good taste beer
▲Not recommended for use with nitrogen
▲Please make sure the dial to 0 psi / turn off before use
▲Place it in a safe place no one can bump to prevent leaks
▲Use beverage grade CO2 cartridges (Not all CO2 cartridges are made to be suitable for beverages)
▲The dial can not measure over 60 psi, please push the pressure slowly increases when adjust the control switch, or it will be damaged