Balancing Blocks-Wood Rock Set



Stimulate Your Child’s Brain Through These Wooden Stones!

Wood Rock Set Balancing Blocks Natural Wood Toy set is an open-ended wood toy that will provide hours of relaxing and challenging fun. These handmade blocks are great for boosting focus, and attention, and for promoting creativity. The wooden stones are wood balancing blocks that are meant to resemble stones. With so many different shapes and sizes, they are fun to hold and stack.


Develop children’s logical thinking ability.

Exercise cooperative ability and improve practical ability.

Develop brain thinking and recognize different colors.

Made of high-quality pine wood material, which is natural, safe, healthy, and non-toxic.


Material: Pine

Process: polishing

Production process: grinding

Surface technology: spray paint


1 Set of Wood Rock Set Balancing Blocks Natural Wood Toy (5/10/11/16/22/36)