Bottle Holder Baby/Baby Bottle Drying Rack | Countertop Drying Rack With Deep Drip Basin/Bottle Holder Baby strg

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Bottles drying on the counter are a fact of life with babies. Now, you can dry your bottles with the stylish cactus design. Our Baby Bottle Drying Rack transitions to sippy cup and open cup storage once your baby is older. Available in blue/green, pink, and monochrome gray, there’s a style to fit every kitchen.

Travel Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Compact but with plenty of storage, the drying sticks are spaced apart so you can easily fit up to 8 wide-neck bottles. Store your nipples, bottles, and anti-colic inserts with ease. The drying rack can be quickly disassembled for faster, more thorough cleaning.


  • Anti-Mold Design - Mold likes to grow in crevices and cracks, but our drying rack’s smooth material is made to resist mold growth. Plus, you can disassemble the drying rack to wash it, so you know it’s thoroughly clean.
  • 3 Color Choices - Go bright with the blue/green design or girly-girl pink for your little princess. If you want a basic color, this drying rack also comes in all gray.
  • Cactus Design - If you have to have bottles drying on your counter they may as well look cute. Each cactus is detachable, so you can remove them if you need to fit a large item on the drying rack.
Baby Bottle Tree Drying Rack

Expanded Drying Space 

The multiple arms on each cactus give you more drying space. On each cactus, you can fit up to two bottles and one nipple or lid.

Fits All Your Baby Items

Pacifiers, teethers, snack cups, bottles… it can fit it all. This drying rack will grow with your child, and provide additional drying space for all their items.

Deep Drip Basin

The drip basin is extra deep to catch all the water that drips down. Plus, the slim cactus arms allow plenty of airflow so bottles and items dry faster.