Curling Wand Set/ nume curling wand set/LCD Temperature Display Anti-scald

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[3 Barrels of Curling Hair Create Natural Look] - 3 Barrels of heating curlers can be preheated to 150℃ in only 30 seconds; 3 barrels of curling means that the speed has been tripled! In very little time, Hair Curling Iron will create the beautiful beach waves you have always wanted.

NOTE: For more natural and good-looking wavy hair, we suggest that you can hold a small piece of hair each time you curl.[High-Definition LCD Display & Automatic Shutdown] - The temperature of hair curling Iron allows you to know clearly. After not using the button for 3 seconds, the temperature is automatically locked to prevent accidental operation errors during the style design process. If the device is turned on continuously for 1 hour, it will automatically turn off.[8 Heating Settings: 300 (150°C) to 430°F (220°C)] - If your hair is delicate, fine, or dyed, use a lower heating setting. For thicker hair, use a high heat setting. Test for the first time to find the right temperature, it will shorten the makeup time to create a beautiful "S" wave. [Easy to Create Beautiful Curls] - Want to shake those beach curls that look so relaxed and beautiful? Is it effortless? Choose our three-barrel professional curling iron! Curl the entire hair in a few minutes. No need to spend hours to get ready![Suitable For All Kinds Of Hair] - Whether you are short lock or long lock; thick or thin, the work of these three barrels of curling iron works like a charm. The heated ceramic will produce negatively charged ions, which will produce soft and shiny waves without the frizz. A nice gift idea for any occasion.

Rated voltage: 110 - 240V
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Rated power: 90W
Heat range: 300 ℉(150 ℃) - 430 ℉(220 ℃)

Ensure the hair is dry and combed through to remove any tangles. Divide the hair into sections that are ready for styling.
Press the power button to switch the appliance on.
Press the power button to select the suitable heat setting for your hair type. The LED digital will flash until the optimum temperature has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the LED digital will stop flashing.
Take a section of hair and place between the top barrels and bottom plate of the appliance.
Clamp the hair between the top barrels and bottom plate by pressing the appliance together.
Hold in place for 5-8 seconds. Take care to avoid the hot surfaces of the appliance coming into contact with the skin, in particular the eyes, ears, face and neck.
Release the barrel hair curling from the hair and gently slide down to the next section. Re-position the appliance to overlap the last wave created, to ensure a continuous wave effect in the hair.
Continue this action down the entire hair section, towards the ends of the hair.
Allow the section to cool before styling. Repeat it on each hair section.
After use, press the power button for 2 seconds to switch off and unplug the appliance.
Allow cooling before storing it away.

ALWAYS keep it out of reach of children (during and after use and whilst cooling).
Do not use this hair curling Iron near water contained in basins, bathtubs or other vessels.
Avoid the hot surface of the appliance coming into contact with the skin, in particular the eyes, ears, face and neck.
Always unplug after use.

Package Included:
1 x Luckyfine Portable 3 Barrel 22mm Ion Hair Curling Iron (Please choose the plug type carefully!)