Manual Noodle Maker Stainless Steel Press Pasta Spaghetti Machine/Press Pasta Machine/stand mixer pasta press

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Home kitchen manual noodle machine, make delicious food by yourself.





High Quality Material

This kitchen manual noodle machine is made of high quality stainless steel material, safe, durable and rust-resistant.

2/5 Mold Heads

This noddle machine equiptment 2 or 5 mold heads, you can choose different mold head to make noodles of different thickness.

Portable Design

This pasta maker is small and portable, it is suitable for home use, and easy to take with you anywhere.

Ergonomic Design

Screw propelling rocker is labor-saving to operate and stainless steel handle is comfortable to hold in working process.

Wide Applications

This noodle maker is a good kitchen helper, suitable for making different noodles and squeezing juice, Fit for home, restaurants, camping, travelling etc.



Product Name: Manual Noodle Machine

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Mold Heads: 2 head, 5 head


Net weight: 560g(2 head), 650(5 head)


Packing list:

1* Manual Noodle Maker


Method of operation:

1. Knead the dough. The dough wakes up for a while before pressing.

2. Clean the noodle machine, wipe off any water marks, check and turn the screw handle and noodle machine screws to make sure they are tight.

3. Choose the replacement head of the noodle machine and install it, please refer to the picture.

4. The dough wakes up and knead into two small balls. (Don't put too much dough in the dough press at once, because you need to turn the handle with the strength of your wrist.)

5. After the dough is poured, tighten the screws on the screw handles.

6. Hold the long handle of the noodle press with your left hand and turn the metal strip on the screw with your right hand, and the noodles will be slowly squeezed out.

7. Sprinkle the pressed noodles evenly with flour to prevent the noodles from sticking together. Shake off the flour evenly coated on the noodles before putting them in the pot for cooking.