NEW Radio Frequency Machine RF Facial Beauty Device Facial Eye/radio frequency machine/mlay rf radio frequency/rf machine

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Principle: It uses high-energy head to conduct high-energy radio frequency waves deep into the skin and heats deep skin tissues three-dimensionally to stimulate skin collagen and fibers reconstruct collagen scaffolds and make skin firm instantly: Continuously stimulate collagen regeneration to maintain the long-term lifting effect. It improves skin sagging saggingwrinkles dull complexion and other skin problems and it keeps the face younger Facial probe:radio frequency waves reach the deep dermis to promote collagen contraction and tighten skin Eye probe:suitable for thin skin of the eye area to improve loose-ness sagging wrinkles etc Product parameters Product: Black golden thermagic machine Voltage:100-240V Working voltage: DC24V Power: 72W with vibration Gross weight: 1.2kg Package size: 35*21*12cm