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Lifting baby with a single-height pillow is limiting and can put moms in very uncomfortable positions. Our uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts, raising baby to breast with three elevation levels, and opens up more nursing-hold options to mom.

Three adjustable heights allow you to achieve the optimum nursing angle and improved latching. As your little one grows, change the height to adjust to their size.

It doesn't fasten around you, making it truly one size fits all. [Come with a very soft TOWEL,you can use it as a cover for more COMFORTABLE touch.]

The layers don't slip around when in use. Construction is solid, and the pillow is nice and firm and supportive under baby's weight.

It really does bring baby up to breast level, whether doing cross-cradle or football holds.

When nursing is complete, fold the pillow with the ribbon for compact, neat storage.Machine warm on gentle cycle, tumble dry low.