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Listen to music or answer calls while protecting your eyes with Smart Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sunglasses with Mic, waterproof smart glasses you can use outdoors without worries.

✔️ Water Resistant
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Hands-free
✔️Advanced Technology
✔️Changeable Lens
✔️Noise-Reduction Microphone
✔️Long-Battery Life

Experiencing discomfort in your ear for using earbuds for a long period of time?

Listen to your favorite music while going out without any ear pain with Smart Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sunglasses with Mic. You can listen to music and make phone calls with ease thanks to the device's built-in Bluetooth speaker and noise-reduction microphone.

This pair of smart glasses are ideal for any situation in which you want to look good while also enjoying its function. With its large battery life, experience longer audio listening on the go wherever you are.


  • BUILT-IN SPEAKER – This smart eyewear includes built-in speakers that allow you to listen to music wherever you go. Any form of music or phone conversation can be streamed through this device without the use of your hands. Easy access, hassle-free enjoyment.
  • WATER RESISTANT BODY – It is tightly woven and protected with a unique coating to prevent water from infiltrating and ruining this eyewear. With its built-in protection from rain, perspiration, or other forms of liquid, it's ideal for any outdoor activity.

  • WIRELESS OPERATION – Made with cutting-edge technology and Bluetooth connectivity, it simply connects to any Bluetooth-enabled phone and lets you to listen to music, answer calls, hang up, and redial. A hands-free technology that allows you to free your hands and enjoy other activities.
  • WEAR WITH EASE – Have a convenient and excellent way to listen to music and take calls without suffering from an earache or other issues. With their lightweight structure, these smart sunglasses are the ideal way to wear your glasses-and-speaker-in-one.
  • NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – This Smart Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sunglasses with Mic has a two-way microphone, one of which picks up your voice and the other of which filters out any background noise. To provide a more accessible and hassle-free way to take calls and listen to music while walking down a busy and noisy street.


  • Material: PC + ABS + Polaroid Lens
  • Battery Capacity: 80mAh
  • Appearance Size: 15.3 x 5 x 3cm
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging Time: 1-2Hours
  • Play Time: 6-8Hours