Swinging Chicken Toy Magnetic Electric Walking Chick Toy/chicken toy/chicken plush/chicken stuffed animal/jellycat chicken/chicken stuffed animal

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Are you looking for a toy that will blow your child’s mind with so much fun? Watch their little eyes light up with joy when they see this! Introduce to you our Swinging chicken toy. This toy is a great educational set that promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression. The chicken’s waddling movement attracts the baby to crawl and chase while the chicken’s shape help to hone finger dexterity. Each chick is equipped with a magnet device at the front and back. After placing a row, it will be automatically attracted by the magnet and then form a row. Follow the direction of the first chicken and walk. The chicken toy is made of high-quality ABS materials, non-toxic, environmentally friendly imported materials. It is smooth, ensures that will not harm children’s skin. Buy now!