Tablet Stand/Universal Long Arm Tablet Stand Holder/The Premium Ipad Stand & Tablet Holder/Tablet Stand for desk/diy Tablet Stand/Tablet Stand holder

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Enjoy Quality Entertainment Right On Your Ipad

Introducing the most convenient way to enjoy your tablet in your own bed. Our iPad stand can stretch anywhere from up to a short sofa or an elevated mattress.

 Adjust the height of the tablet stand and watch movies or your favorite shows in the comfort of your cozy bed.

 You can freely maneuver the table mount on any flat surface and not worry about it sliding around while watching your favorite show!

Adjust the height of the tablet stand and watch movies or your favorite shows in the comfort of your cozy bed. 


 Watch from any angle - You can rotate the head of the tablet stand in any direction you want for the perfect viewing angle.

 Works on all smart devices - Don’t limit using the tablet stand to just your iPad! You can use any smartphone as well at your convenience.

 Everlasting stand you can cherish forever - Durable metal materials ensure a long-lasting finish you can use for a lifetime.

 Can be used anywhere in your home - Transport the tablet stand to your bedroom, living room, den, or office!