The Bamboo Professional 14pcs Makeup Brush Set

Handle Color:


Our Bestseller 11pcs Makeup Brush set includes a variety of brushes that will transform your everyday makeup routine. This eco friendly makeup brush set is made out of natural materials - a perfect swap for everyone who likes all things makeup.

The Bamboo Starter 11pcs Makeup Brush Set 

  • 11 Piece Makeup Brush set with Cloth Linen Bag. 
  • Handles made from Bamboo Fibre
  • Soft Bristles made from Synthetic Fibre (We get a lot of questions regarding why the bristles are made from synthetic fibre, this is because there is no true high quality alternative on the market that is vegan so we choose an synthetic fibres as they are vegan & cruelty free. These are not derived from Animals)

This set is an essential brush set filled with brushes for everyday use. Made with Sustainable fast growing bamboo, these brushes are the perfect replacement to the ever-growing plastic makeup industry products.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Our starter bamboo brushes are one of our most popular sellers at Eco Shop. These brushes are perfect for eyeshadow application, blusher, bronzer, foundation and more! The perfect addition to any makeup collection. 

Due to the delicate nature of our handmade brushes, light shedding may occur within the first few uses.