Wood Chip Smoker Box

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Premium Gas Grill Wood Chip Smoker Box

Looking to elevate the flavors of your grilled dishes? Our gas grill smoker box was made to infuse your meat with smokey flavors just like how a master chef would.

best smoker box

Take your preferred soaked wood chips and place them onto the grill smoker box to get things started. A few minutes after placing the wood chip smoker box on the grill, you will smell the beautiful aroma of the wood chips that will eventually permeate into your slabs of meat.

To get the full effect of the smoker box, you can use a mitt to pick it up and hold it over your meat so the smoke can spread overhead. Its thick smoke will wrap around the meat, giving you restaurant-grade dishes that you will be proud of.

best grill smoker box

Equipped with a hinged lid, dumping out the charred wood from the gas grill smoker box can be done in seconds. You can re-fill it with a new batch of wood chips to continue smoking and adding flavor to your barbecued dinner.


DURABLE – Made with high-quality stainless steel material, the grill smoker box conducts heat well but does not break down in the process. Withstanding extreme heat, the wood chip smoker box will be able to smoke your meat for a very long time.

EASY TO USE – With a bag of wood chips in one hand and the smoker box on the other, you can prep your barbecue for smoking. All that you’ll have to do is fill the gas grill smoker box with the wood chips and leave it to burn on the grill until smoke comes out.

LARGE CAPACITY – Create big clouds of aromatic smoke with the grill smoker box. Its big capacity can hold a whole bag of wood chips for effective smoking of your delicious meat.